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Find and nurture the Public Speakers in your company

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Think of the potential benefits of sending an amazing public speakers to a large conference to represent your company. Brand recognition, being seen as a leading expert in your field, increasing company integrity? Those are just a FEW of the amazing things that can come from developing public speakers for your business.

So, how can YOU implement public speaking into your content marketing strategy?

Develop the storytellers in your organization.

You might have employees who already regularly do speaking engagements, but if you don’t, determine who might have public speaking as a hidden strength.

The best speakers often use stories as a powerful tool for demonstrating and bringing to life a key message. It’s one of the best ways to be memorable. And a really juicy story will keep the audience on the edge of their seats… quite literally.

There’s a very big difference (and the audience can always tell) from reliving an experience and reading from a script. Who is the person in your company that shares great stories from a multi-dimensional angle? Who goes into side details and uses lots of description when they speak during meetings? Who evokes great imagery even whilst standing by the water cooler talking about their weekends?

Keep your eyes open for passionate people! When you spot someone in your company who shows true excitement and enthusiasm for your mission and product, nurture them and encourage that zeal.

Look for a natural teacher. If you have someone on your team who sees others struggle and proactively help them with education and training without being asked… you’ve got yourself a great future public speaker.

Groom them to be thought leaders.

Learn to lead from a conviction. Help them to engage in leadership not only to live up to their full potential, but to make a positive impact on their world.

Speakers who connect with a bigger, more widely benefiting picture are the ones who have the greatest impact on their audiences. My belief is that to be a truly great speaker, we start with the motivation that our message is one we could stand up for – and use that as the fuel to overcome any doubt or difficulty we may have on the way.

Integrate leadership into their very being. Use public speaking to not just play at the role of a leader but become a leader.

Speakers can sometimes struggle to appreciate their own capacity to influence. That’s because we see our own nerves and self doubts from the inside (which is messy) – and we see everyone else’s confidence and great performance from the outside (which of course looks oh, so impressive). Whilst we separate ourselves from ‘those who can’, we won’t allow ourselves to shine as authentic, inspiring speakers.

To help the public speakers in your company, you must help them absorb the function of leadership. Accept it – when speaking, you’re trying to lead your audience somewhere better than they already are. That doesn’t mean the speakers are in it to boost their ego, or practice self promotion and or even being pushy. In fact if they start with the company’s creed in their mind, quite the opposite effect will happen. A public speaking leader’s impact will be ‘through them’ rather than ‘about them’.

Be originals, not copiesThey hold the company values & views to be true not because they “HAVE TO” for a paycheck, but because their beliefs align with the company and have proven their convictions to themselves.

Inspiring Public Speakers are also not carbon copies of what’s worked for another speaker. In developing public speakers, ask what they truly believe in and why. If what they believe in doesn’t fit in with what others believe, it doesn’t matter. Find strength of conviction that would stand up to even the toughest of criticism, or the strongest amount of ridicule.

Authentic leadership is an essential mindset for any inspiring speaker. It’s a challenge to find your true convictions, but once you have dug deep, authentic leadership and authentic communication bring big rewards.

Prime them to be great public speakers.

Public speaking is vital to becoming a value-added, innovative team member. If you want your employees to pitch ideas and carry your brand out into the world, team members must get comfortable with public speaking and work to continually improve their abilities. More importantly, these future public speakers are your company ambassadors to the world.

It’s no secret that people throughout history have used the power of public speaking to make a difference. A public speaking course, if approached with the right perspective, is a great chance to do the same thing.

public speaking course is almost guaranteed to build your team’s confidence. They’ll learn to stand before a group of peers, make a lot of eye contact, and engage them with conviction. While the nervousness that comes with speaking in front of a crowd won’t entirely disappear, public speaking training will teach your budding public speakers how to deal with their fears and turn their weakness into strength.

Here at Ginger we offer a wide range of speaking courses, both offline and on. We specialise in three different public speaking courses in London which are open to all. Our open public speaking courses are only currently available in London. However, the Ginger Training team also take in-house and bespoke public speaking training within companies across the UK and Europe

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